Tips for feeding toddlers

Tips for feeding toddlers Tips for feeding toddlers

Toddlers Dietary Guidelines

These are the guidelines for feeding toddlers:
The question which comes in mind of all parents that what should my toddler eat & drink?
Toddlers need to eat a variety of food everyday limit too much milk, sugary foods, juice another wise child will not accept other healthy food.
Every child required adequate Nutrition for healthy growth & Development.

Food items that to be introduced in his/ her Diet :

1. Cereals & millets –

.include 2 cups of cereals & millets for the age of 1-3 yrs of children/ day & the quantity increases to 4 cups for the age of 4-6 yrs of age.
They are a good source of iron, calcium, proteins, vitamin B complex.
Grated carrot, lauki, boiled beans, onion, tomatoes can be added to make paratha, pulao, upma, soft chapati, Dalia, oats etc

2. Pulses –

1 bowl/ day for the age of 1-3 yrs old child & quantity increases to 2 bowls for the age of 4-6 yrs old child They are rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals. Can be added in the preparation of Dalia, khichdi, sprouts sandwich, soups, poha, upma, dal paratha, dal, besan cheela.

3. Fruits –

include 1 bowl/day in any form cut fruits, milkshake, custard, fruit porridge.

4. Milk & its products-

500 ml/day include milk, curd, paneer, custard, kheer etc
5. Egg /non-veg – 1 whole egg/day or 30 gms of non-veg/ week


Limit too much sugar, canned food, preservatives, fries, salted chips, creams, mayonnaise.

RDA for 1-3 yrs old child

Child’s ideal weight should be around 12.9 kg
Total Nutrition- Energy – 1060 kcal
/ day , proteins – 16.7 gms / day , fat- 27 gms / day, iron – 9 mg/ day, calcium- 500 mg / day

RDA for 4-6 yrs old child

Child ideal body weight should be around 18 kg
Total Nutrition – Energy -1350 kcal / day , proteins – 20.1 gm/ day, fat – 25 gm/ day, iron – 13 mg / day, calcium- 600 mg / day
Options which can be given for toddlers:
Stuffed paratha ( dal, paneer, potato), dal cheela, besan cheela, sooji cheela, Dalia with milk/ veg, poha, bread sandwich, cutlets (with paneer, sooji, atta, potato), custard, sewai, sooji kheer, sabutdana kheer, egg sandwich, egg toast, idli, dosa etc.

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