What is the DASH DIET?

What is the DASH DIET?

What is the DASH DIET? Harsh ENT Hospital...What is the DASH DIET?

Dash diet is a diet to approach to stop hypertension.
It helps to lower blood pressure, lose weight, & prevent Diabetes & cardiac problems.

How to manage hypertension, Diabetes & weight?

1. Choose fresh fruits.
2. Avoid adding table salts, seasonings, Chat masalas in fruits, salads or in any other food items.
3. Reduce intake of non-veg, seafood & processed food.
4. Avoid packed food& beverage, sauce, chutney.
5. Avoid smoked, cured food, pickles, papad.
How to achieve a healthy body weight?
1. Reduce your calories by choosing low-fat dairy products.
2. Small & frequent meals are more preferable.
3. Engage in regular exercise / work out at least 2 hours/day, either walk, exercise.
4. Avoid nibbling, skipping meals.
5. Increase food that is high in potassium, magnesium, fiber.

Food choices:

1. Eat at least 4-5 serving of whole wheat flour, fruits, vegetables.
2. Choose high fiber food, fruits, vegetables.
3. Eat tomatoes, orange& other citrus fruits high in potassium.
4. Include Nutri, peas, beans, seeds in Diet.
5. Increase foods that are rich in calcium, low-fat dairy products, yogurt, low-fat paneer.
6. Reduce caffeine & sodas in a diet.
7. Drink plenty of fluids at least 3 liters/day.
8. Quit smoking.

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