Health benefits of Drinking Hot water

Health benefits of Drinking Hot water

Health benefits of Drinking Hot waterHealth benefits of Drinking Hot water

First of all, Hot water is the most essential & beneficial when it is consumed warm.
The warm cup of water in the morning can help to cleanse our body by flushing out toxins.
1. Hot water helps in providing digestive power & reducing metabolic waste & build immunity.
2. help & relief from constipation.
3. It prevents premature aging.
4. It reliefs from pain & other stomach related problems.

5. It helps in weight loss, Diabetes.
6. It improves blood circulation.
7. It helps me removing free radicals from the body.
8. It relieves from nasal & throat congestion.
9. Calms our central nervous system.
10. Keeps us hydrated.

11. Reliefs from achalasia. (a condition when there is difficulty passing food from esophagus to stomach.
12. Helps in glowing skin, avoid a migraine.
13. Helps in IBS ( inflammatory bowel syndrome)
14. Helps in anxiety, depression, stress.
15. Helps in relieving joint pain, eczema, psoriasis.

16. It eases bowel movements.
17. It fights dandruff.
18. It stimulates hunger.
19. It is good for skin & hair.
20. It helps in male & female infertility.
Recommendations: Drink 8-10 glasses of water/day

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