What are the essential nutrients for the brain development in children

What are the essential nutrients for the brain development in children

What are the essential nutrients for brain development in children?

Iron-Dt. Shweta Arora Mandal, Harsh ENT Hospital


 It is important for brain development & cognitive performance.
Two types of iron: Heme iron & Non Heme iron
Heme Iron rich food are generally animal origin such as meat, poultry, & fish
Non-Heme iron-rich food includes Grains, vegetables, Dried fruits ( apricot, raisins), iron-fortified products such as cereals, bread. Vitamin c is required for iron absorption.



Choline-Dt. Shweta Arora Mandal, Harsh ENT Hospital

Choline –

plays an important & significant role in fetus & infants brain development for memory & long learning ability.
Choline like DHA is found in breast milk, egg yolk, fish, wheat germ, poultry.



 Antioxidants-Dt. Shweta Arora Mandal, Harsh ENT Hospital


Fruits & vegetables have a good source of vitamin & minerals which protect from damage from free radicals.
Sources of food that helps for brain development In kids .. egg, yogurt, spinach, kale, oats, apple, plums, whole grains.


The amino acid plays a very important role in the brain development of kids
AA  contain proteins that are important for the proper functioning of the brain.
They are essential for improving attentiveness, ability to complete the task, remain calm in the appropriate situation.



A child’s brain reaches 90% of its adult development by the age of 6 years.
Since children’s build their skills through observations, experience & interaction, it becomes important to indulge your child in different activities that help his/ her brain development.
Amino acids Asparagine is essential for brain development in n individual with disabilities, the enzyme is not produced in sufficient quantity.

Tyrosine –

an amino acid required for the production of the neurotransmitters dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine.

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